Hello and welcome to our humble webstore!

We are Tony & Amber Ellsworth, the owners of ‘Ellsworth Crossing’.  Our store is a Farm to Fork Market with over 50 Farmers and producers under one roof. I am four generation Nebraska Agri-business and Amber was born in Omaha, but her parents moved, and she grew up on a Bison and Cattle Ranch in Colorado. We now have a farm of our own and help to provide some of the products in our store. She has a medical degree and is working on her master’s degree. I am a Navy Veteran and have my MBA and also a master’s degree in IT. We have six children and two grandchildren.

We are a faith-based business, and our tagline is Jehovah Jireh. Simply put, this means ‘God Provides’. This is the foundation of our business. We aim to serve our customers, farmers, ranchers and producers. We believe in ‘functional medicine’ which means you are what you eat. We both see a doctor that specializes in this and have greatly benefited from it with proven results. We also believe in small and medium sized Nebraska farmers that raise holistically. We interview them and try product to make sure it’s a good fit before representing them. We have personal relationships with the farmers, ranchers and producers and see them regularly. They literally bring product in through our front door. We don’t do ‘feedlot’ animals.

Many Blessings,

                                                        Tony & Amber Ellsworth