American Farmers


We have many different types of workers who, through self-sacrifice, do their utmost to carry out services to fellow Americans. As a veteran I lived out this concept, but in my view it does not end. It continues. Our daughter and son in law serve through healthcare which has become increasingly difficult. We have a son who is serving in the Army, another who started law school. Jesus gave an example to His followers and said that if you intend to be a leader you must do it through servant leadership. He modeled this by washing their feet.

The American Farmer is one who sacrifices much in order to produce and ultimately allow food to be brought to our kitchen tables. Its harvest time and the hours are long and late. We have a small farm ourselves and as we drive to the store along country backroads, I see field after field with combines and other farm machinery and resources working hard to get the job done. My wife and I prayed that one day I would be able to leave corporate America and move to a business that supported agriculture. God has given us that opportunity. My wife Amber is often on the phone late into the evening with farmers coordinating orders and deliveries for the next week. It takes quite a bit of work just to properly care for and feed animals daily. I teach our kids to show all of them love. We see baby animals being born, being cared for by their mothers.  Each of them has a place and purpose. We do our best to honor God’s creation and to be kind.  We bought the store front from Dean Dvorak who has an extensive farm background. Its his family that owns Plum Creek Chicken Farms.  His saying is ‘happy chicken, healthy chicken.’ This is the simple truth. The best tasting and healthiest meat is bought farm fresh, straight from the producer to your table. That is the heart of our ‘Farm to Fork’ market.

Support your American Farmers!