About Us

Here at Ellsworth Crossing, we’re more than just a business – we’re a faith-based, veteranowned enterprise that believes in the power of servant leadership. Our admiration extends to our cherished customers, the hardworking farmers, dedicated ranchers, and skilled producers who shape our world. Every day, we’re committed to living out these values in all that we do.  


Our Foundation

Some call it a ‘tagline,’ but we see it as the very essence of our existence. Beneath our company name, you’ll find the words ‘Jehovah Jireh.’ What does this signify? It’s a testament that God is our provider, the wellspring of all we do. Isuggests a sentimenI‘d like to share, famously attributed to Paul Harvey’s ‘So God Made a Farmer’ speech: “Amidst our triumphs, we owe our being to six inches of topsoil and the grace of rain.” Our life, our farm, and our business are indelibly linked to our Creator and Heavenly Father, serving as our unwavering foundation. Guided by this, we strive to answer oucalling every single day. Just as Jesus exemplified by humbly washing the feet of his apostles, we aspire to do the same. His commandments echo within us: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:37-39, my paraphrase)  


Our Health Journey

People are drawn to Ellsworth Crossing for the inherent health benefits of our farm products, nurtured right here in the heart of Nebraska. The taste, unrivaled in its quality, becomes an experience we share with all who walk this path with us. A few years ago, Amber and I embarked on a journey in search of better health. We turned to functional medicine, a holistic approach that delves into the root causes of our well-being. To me, it’s as simple as ‘you are what you eat,’ and ‘let’s prioritize natural over pharmaceuticals.’ Our functional medicine doctor illuminated this path, stating, “Your body is inherently resilient, capable of self-repair when nurtured with the right diet and supplements.” 

I (Tony) grappled with arthritis, while Amber confronted fibromyalgia. Guided by our functional medicine doctor’s scientific insight, we underwent blood analyses and assessments to validate our progress. The results were transformative. My heart, liver, and kidneys, once a concern, now stood in the realm of vitality. My pre-diabetic status was a thing of the past. Amber shared in these positive strides. Hallelujah! Our steps grew lighter, our spirits brighter. 


The Nebraska Heartbeat

Embarking on the journey of health isn’t complete without discovering the source. ‘Organic’ alone might not suffice. As a fourth-generation Nebraskan immersed in agri-business, my upbringing was steeped in the wisdom of my grandfather and father, champions of Nebraska farming. My formative years witnessed countless treks across rural Nebraska, forging bonds with farmers that resonated deeply.

It became evident that our state held the key to unparalleled nourishment! The quest led me to Plum Creek Farms, a haven for free-range, hormone-free chickens nestled in Burchard, Nebraska. Their poultry graces the menus of Lincoln and Omaha’s finest eateries. In time, we became custodians of our own flock, forging a bond that transcended business. When the pandemic’s shadow loomed over the restaurant industry, Plum Creek’s store beckoned, becoming our own. Amber steered its course initially, paving the way for us to assume ownership. Rooted in our belief in Nebraska’s farmers, we welcomed over seventy kindred spirits under our roof — farmers, ranchers, and producers. An enduring beacon, Ellsworth Crossing stands open year-round, a bastion of the best Nebraska offers, crafted locally. 

Grilling & Smoking

My passion for grilling and smoking has been a lifelong affair. In the days before our store, my inquiries about meat sourcing often fell on deaf ears. No longer. Every cut of meat in our store hails from Nebraska farmers we’ve come to know on a personal level. We’ve walked their farms, they’ve visited ours – the connection is genuine. Before introducing a product, we scrutinize it with discerning eyes and palates, ensuring it meets the standards of quality and taste we uphold. Our ‘meet your farmer’ Saturdays open the door for you to engage with these exceptional individuals, to grasp the essence of their dedication, and to be captivated by their stories. Our direct rapport empowers us to offer premium selections – leg or rack of lamb, bison hump roasts, pork butt, hanger steak, bone-in prime rib roasts, cowboy cut ribeyes, and tomahawk cuts. These are treasures you won’t find lining the shelves of a common store. We proudly sponsor Waterloo and Valley’s annual smoking contests, welcoming skilled grillers and smokers to our fold. If you seek guidance or counsel, I’m here to share my knowledge and passion. 

A Celebration of Family and Food

In the tapestry of our most cherished moments, family, friends, and the shared joy of a cookout take center stage. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Passover/Easter, tailgating – these are the chapters we treasure. At Ellsworth Crossing, we’re determined to extend that same sense of warmth and festivity to all of you. Our free-range turkeys and homemade pies grace Thanksgiving tables, while prime ribs and hams become Christmas centerpieces. Passover and Easter bring the succulence of lamb, and for tailgating and potluck gatherings, we offer an array of delectable meats. To elevate your celebrations, we’ve introduced locally crafted, holistic-based wines and spirits, epitomizing the spirit of festivities. 

May Blessings Abound, 

In closing, we wish you and your loved ones countless blessings. As Tony, Amber, and our family extend our arms in friendship, we recall the profound words from Numbers 6:24-26: “The Lord bless you and keep you. The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace.” 

With heartfelt warmth, 

Tony, Amber & Family