Both Amber and I are from Nebraska. I am four generation Nebraska agri-business, and we have our own farm in Springfield, Nebraska. We bought the business because we believe in the Nebraska farmer, ranchers, and producers. The hard work and attention to detail is second to none. Many of the farmers have been to our farm and we have been to theirs. It’s all a personal relationship. If you follow us, then you know that on most Saturdays we have the farmers in our store to meet our customers directly. If they are able, they even bring their animals! We now have over seventy farmers, ranchers, and producers under one roof. We are open all year round to support Nebraskans.


Amber and I interview and try product before taking inventory in our store. We ask questions and visit
farms to help ensure that only holistic raising practices are used. We do not allow hormones, mRNA, or
other harmful products to be a part of our farmer portfolio. We do not do ‘feed lot’ animals. We see a functional medicine physician who has given us a lot of guidance on how to care for our bodies through the food we eat, without having to use pharmaceuticals. We incorporate what we are doing to be healthy as a family into the same choices we offer in the store. We are listed as a healthy food source by nutritionists and receive many other professional referrals. If you have questions about health, just ask!

Fair Price

“You get what you pay for.” This principle holds true for us. We offer high-quality products and aim to be the best rather than the cheapest. Our confidence rests in our Nebraska farmers, ranchers, and producers who prioritize holistic and humane methods. Our wholesale purchases usually come with a consistent markup for cost coverage, and we reflect any cost reductions made by our farmers. We also offer sales whenever possible.

Food Celebration

Food takes the spotlight during holidays, family gatherings, potluck dinners, and tailgating – igniting bigger smiles and unforgettable memories. Elevating your celebrations, we now offer local wines, holistic spirits, and farm-fresh desserts like ice cream, pies, cheesecake, and more. Seeking special cuts like leg of lamb, bison hump roast, prime rib, or Boston Butt? Our direct farmer connections guarantee top-tier quality. Just ask for the best!