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Jeremy Murray
3 weeks ago
Giving an exemplary shout out to the owners of this incredible store. When I walked in I was greeted by our new friend Amber who was excited to share the vision for the business and holistic mission of the brand. The meats were incredible, produce was fresh and not covered in what feels like wax, and the friendly service was best in class. Thank you for the wonderful visit, can't wait to see you all soon!
Terri Murray
a month ago
It's like a Farmer's Market in a store. A little bit of everything that is good for you. The owners are so friendly and helpful. Everything is local, sourced for good quality and healthy eating. This will be a regular shopping stop for us from now on. Highly recommend you come by to try. Awesome teas, coffee, beef, chicken, dairy, produce, snacks, and gifts too!! Don't miss out on this Gem!!!
Scott Thompson
a month ago
After hearing about it from my brother, my wife and I went to Ellsworth this weekend. We live in Millard and had never heard of the store. In fact, we thought it was new. What a cool little store. We walked in and immediately were greeted by someone saying “hi” from the register. We started looking at some frozen meats, and within a minute, one of the owners approached us and greeted us in person. They told us all about the history of the store and where we could find different products. That is beyond cool, and that made us customers right there. These are local products by local farmers. There was a great restaurant in Benson. They served Plum Creek Farms chicken. OMG, that was good. To our surprise, they had it at Ellsworth. Nebraska meats, eggs, ice cream, frozen pizzas, you name it. This is not a huge store by any means, but we can tell from the service and different things they do that it is mighty. Take my advice, take the small drive from Omaha, and get to know and support these people. Farmers have good years and not-so-good years, but most importantly, they provide us with amazing products. Stores like Ellsworth offer us an opportunity to give back to the many sacrifices local farmers sometimes have to make.
Dmitriy K
a month ago
Amazing little quaint locally owned farmer shop with everything u need for breakfast, brunch and dinner! Owners are awesome and they also prepare meals and do free samples on Saturdays! Definitely coming back!
Matt F
2 weeks ago
AWESOME 1st time experience with the Pork provider (Bartling Farms) who was there today. CANNOT wait to cook some of their pulled pork AND beer brats that we sampled today!!

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